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Pride Belongs in (Pre)School

Last week in one of the preschool-related Facebook groups I was in (and subsequently was kicked out of for challenging homophobia and transphobia), there was a post asking if people celebrate Pride Month in their classrooms, and if so, what they do. Cue a flood of teachers expressing their significant opposition for such inclusion, including ones who claimed to be allies.

Motivated by this, I decided I would start #PrideBelongsInPreschool and create content on the topic this month to help clarify things like why we need to celebrate pride in preschool, what it is and what it is NOT, and more. I also found inspiration in the Blue's Clues Pride Parade sung by drag queen Nina West, a shining example of how we can introduce these topics to children in appropriate ways.

A lot of the reasons that pride belongs in preschool are the same reasons that pride has a place throughout the rest of school too.

So far I've published three posts on this topic with more to come. The topics covered so far include:

You can find all the content on my website here, and be the first to see new pieces of the series by following me on Facebook and Instagram.

The image descriptions for the series are available here.

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