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Hi! I'm McKinley (they/them).


I have come to wear many hats in recent years. One of the roles I've had the opportunity to take on has been as a Family Support Specialist for an Early Learning Center. During this time, one of my tasks was to develop a presentation for families about Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience. ​Dozens of hours of research later and a newfound passion, the presentation titled Rise to Resilience was born. 

As time went on, I began to develop greater capacities in antiracism, trauma-informed care, and strategies to support the safety and connection of both children and families. Though my recent work has been in Early Childhood Education, I have experience working with children of all ages and adults. My past positions have included being a Domestic Violence Advocate at a Domestic Violence shelter, and as a Youth Counselor at a Youth-in-Crisis shelter. My work is informed by a variety of resources, some of which you can view here. I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Brandman University and have received a Masters of Education with an emphasis in Trauma and Resilience from George Fox University. I am also a Certified Educational Trainer with HEART-STRONG International.

My core values going into 2022 are life, authenticity, transparency, liberation, kindness and compassion, trust and honesty, play, curiosity, vulnerability, integrity, imagination, and creativity. I seek to express and act upon these values in all that I do. 

Visit the Background page for more details about the resources and work that informs my practices and approach.

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