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I started the #PrideBelongsInPreschool campaign in June 2021.


In a preschool educator Facebook group, someone asked if teachers were celebrating Pride Month in their classrooms, what were they doing? The comments section was quickly filled with anti-LGBTQIA2S+ sentiments and I was inspired to dispel myths and misconceptions.


Anyone is welcome to utilize the information and images here; please credit Rise to Resilience. 

You can join us in the LGBTQIA2S+ Friendly Early Learning Folks group on Facebook here

Image descriptions for the series are available here. 

Why do we need #PrideInPreschool?

What can pride in preschool look like? 
What is it NOT?

What Can We Learn from Blue's Clues?
Click here to watch the Blue's Clues Pride Parade.

Gender and Pronouns in Preschool

Books with Gender Diversity

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