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Nice vs. Kind

I am not nice but I am kind.

I say this gently as a correction when someone says to me that I am nice. Niceness to me implies that I should™ have a sense of obligation to modify my emotions, my behavior, my self to maintain someone else’s comfort.

Whereas kindness is a choice I can make to extend inward towards myself or outward towards others. Not a choice that is made out of obligation but out of love, care, and thoughtfulness.

Kindness is not always nice. Kindness can be asserting boundaries. Kindness can be motivated by anger or sadness, joy or peace. Kindness serves a greater purpose than niceness. The result of kindness doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable. The result of kindness can include pain.

Multiple truths exist simultaneously when we contain multitudes.


to my time

to my energy

to my smile

fuck you

The image below, accompanied by this post resonated with me greatly and I highly recommend reading it as well. You can find all of the creator's work here.

Image description: a faded blue and white watercolor appearing background has the outline and silhouette of a fat body facing away with a few rolls visible and the text "Imagine being kind but never at the expense of yourself" from Instagram user @fat_mystic_art

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